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This Portal is dedicating on this day, October 02, 2002(Mahatma Gandhi's birthday) for the NRI's (Non-Resident Indians) and PIO 's (People of Indian Origin) everywhere.
This web portal www.nrinews.org is part of our e-Group, http://groups.yahoo.com/group/nrinews, which started on August 15,2001.

NRI News Group is a free, independent forum for the Non-Resident Indians & People of Indian Origin, everywhere. Both NRI's as well as Indian residents are welcomed to join.

This is a family oriented forum intend to act as a 'communication link' between people living overseas and India.

We are not affiliated with any politics, religion, and region or with any limited interest.

Indian Population
There are more than 20 million NRI's all over the world. India is a country with over 1 billion people with noticeable diversity of several languages, religion, customs and practices. There are many rich values and benefits for us and for the generations to stay together than differences.

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Please write any news or ideas to communicate with 'Indians and our community. Please add your 'web link' here, it's free, this is a #1medium to contact other Indians.
We welcome any article generates public interest, those related to Indians in particular. Also politics, culture, religion and any topic with substance, those affect our daily life are invited. Your community/group reports, non-profit activities are also welcome.

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