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INDIA'S RELIGION: Spiritual India
India is a secular and believed to be one of the most tolerant country in the world. India is the home of some ancient religion. See details below:
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Bhagavad Gita - "the song of God"
All is one and one is all.
Himself as in all beings,
And all beings in himself,
Sees he whose self is disciplined in discipline,
Who sees the same in all things.
Who sees Me in all,
And sees all in Me,
For him I am not lost,
And he is not lost for me.
Whoso reveres me as abiding in all things,
adopting the belief in oneness,
though abiding in any possible condition,
that disciplined man abides in Me.
[vi. 29-31]
God is the beginning and end. Cosmic cycles.
I am death that carries off all,
And the origin of things that are to be.
Avatars: God's Incarnations...
Avatars: God incarnates himself on earth again and again for the good of mankind. The Bhagavata (one of the Smriti texts) talks of ten avatars of Vishnu. Krishna is considered to be the eighth avatar. Ninth being Buddha and the tenth is yet to come and will be called Kalki.
Appx. Relgious Data
HINDUISM - about 82%
ISLAM - about 12%
CHRISTIANITY - about 2.5%
SIKHISM - about 2%
BUDDHISM - about 0.7%
JAINISM - about 0.5%
SOROASTRIANISM - about 0.01%
JUDAISM - about 0.0005%
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